MIKROBIOKOSMOS: The society currently comprises of 163 full (PhD hoilders with at least 3 publications) and 57 associate members (Non PhD holders i.e. PhD students, MSC students, others). Members may be Greek and Cypriot scientists or scientists working abroad or actively engaging on research topics described in Article 2. In particular, eligible members should have at least 3 publications in national or international peer-reviewed journals on subjects related on the research areas described above or to have awarded a PhD in these fields. Associate members may be Greek and Cypriot graduates, who are interesting on such research fields, but they do not have research experience or the appropriate number of publications.

Registration procedure for eligible members: To register in Mikrobiokosmos, the applicant should provide to the General Secretary of the Society via email a filled application (please click here), a short CV in English and the names of two members of the Board of the Directors, who will support their registration. The fees are: 25€ for full members and 10€ for associate. Please note that the applicant should hold a PhD degree in a relative research field. Submission of registration and annual subscription should be made on behalf of the Society via bank transfer (Piraeus Bank, IBAN: GR43 0171 0170 0060 1701 0135 003, SWIFT CODE: PIRBGRAA) and payment receipt should be sent by email to the Treasurer of Mikrobiokosmos Dr. George Tsiamis, at gtsiamis@upatras.gr.